Singulairty Alert!

Thankfully few times in my life have I ever been put into a position where a lesser man would have a seriously messy bowel movement.

Today, however, was one of those times.

Since I started my “Career” in Artificial Intelligence, I’ve always seen the storm on the horizon, yet today, we moved closer to that storm. I’ll list this below;

Last month, Wolfram/Alpha ( ) went on-line. Wolfram/Alpha is a mathematical engine, designed to take apart queries constructed of natural language looking for keywords to answer questions with a mathematical element in them. (I also wish for it be on record that Wolfram/Alpha’s launch has to be the most open and enjoyable launch ever seen, with live webcasts, twitter feeds and facebook pages, not to mention the many tools to easily get to Wolfram/Alpha.

‘Google Squared’ is now available, a sort of ‘data system’. ( ), Google is more or less the biggest repository of information, it has archives of many, many, MANY sites. Has complete access to a good deal of the world’s books and has quite high resolution imagery of the Earth, the stars and Mars. Google Sqaured, however, is designed to give you statistics on any item you fancy; you could type in ‘Dog breeds’ and you’d get the different breeds of dog, complete with height, weight and country of origin. (Note; this service is still in Google Labs, which means it is still under development and testing, think of it as being in ‘Alpha’)

Then we have Siri, a ‘decision engine’ if you will, a system that is designed to answer the question that no other system can; “What shall I do?” From the news of Siri, it seems to gather information about local events before suggesting a course of action. It can, of course, do other things, like recommend restaurants around your position. Looking at the various ‘interviews’ with the system it seems to know you a little bit, as well, like where you work, your interests, and so on as well as local services, weather reports and whatnot. It also accepts speech as input. And personally, is the only app I’d buy an iPhone for. ( )

But those items of interest above are only the first step in Web 3.0. I will now tell you why I REALLY wrote this article. What REALLY made me throw away a good pair of pants.

Lionhead Studios, a British game maker, known for making the game series Black and White (heavy AI-human interaction) and the Fable series (a large, open-world area set in mystical times that relies heavily on user empathy for it’s “AI”) came out with a new project during E3 2009 a few days ago. Milo.

Milo is a boy, but not just any boy, you interact with him via speech and emotional recognition, as well as Microsoft’s new interface (which is seemingly an idea stolen from poor ol’ Nintendo). Your role in this ‘game’? To be his friend.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I must lie down, After watching that I’ve gone all quesy.

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